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The employment attorneys at Erlich Law Firm get compensation for employees in over 99% of the cases that we take.

Over 20 Years

Jason Erlich has been fighting for the rights of workers for over 20 years. 

California and Federal Courts

Jason Erlich has fought for workers rights in California and Federal Courts.

Oakland Area Employment Law Attorney Protecting the Rights of Workers

The rights of workers all over California are protected by state and federal laws. Unfortunately, there are always employers who take advantage of workers through discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, harassment, withholding wages and more. Violations of employment law cause extensive damage and threaten the livelihoods of employees everywhere.

Jason Erlich of Erlich Law Firm has more than 20 years of experience in holding employers accountable for their illegal actions against the people who work for them. If you believe your rights at work have been violated, you could potentially be entitled to damages from your employer.

You know you've been wronged. We know how to make it right.

Millions obtained for our employment law clients.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment can take many forms, including language, unwanted advances, or physical contact.


Wage & Hour Violations

You deserve timely payment of all commissions and wages, and California law requires it.


Wrongful Termination

It is unlawful for your employer to fire you for an illegal discriminatory or retaliatory reason.


Disability Discrimination

Employers cannot discriminate against an employee on the basis of that person's disability.


Medical Leave

You can take leave for a serious medical condition, or to care for a sick parent, child or spouse.


Why Hire an Employment Attorney?

When you find yourself in an employment dispute, the stakes are high, and the stress can be higher. Hiring an employment attorney provides your best chance for prevailing over your employer and recovering the damages that you deserve. Having an experienced and skilled professional in your corner helps make the legal process far less overwhelming.

Erlich Law Firm is proud to serve workers across industries. When you hire us, we will represent your best interests and respect your goals, worldview and specific concerns. We understand how confusing the legal process can be. We will help you navigate your case with respect and understanding.

We have represented clients in all manners of employment disputes in California and federal courts. We represent both individual plaintiffs and class actions. We can help you too.

Jason Erlich, Oakland Labor Lawyer
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in class action for unpaid wages, misclassification of gig-economy workers


Jury award for wrongful termination, family medical leave violations, and attorney's fees.


settlement for whistleblower retaliation


Our mission

Our mission is to listen to our clients and aggressively pursue the compensation they deserve. 


About Jason Erlich

Jason Erlich has always been passionate about worker’s rights. Growing up in Oakland he saw firsthand the ways in which the people around him were taken advantage of by their employers. He knows the huge impact that losing a job has on every aspect of a person’s life, and the powerlessness felt by those experiencing retaliation, discrimination, termination or harassment at work. It has always been his goal to empower those who feel as if they are facing impossible odds by going up against their employer.

Mr. Erlich graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles and then attended Hastings College of the Law. He was admitted to the California bar in 1999 and has practiced employment and labor law his entire career. He enjoys the challenge of employment law and finds great satisfaction in defending the livelihoods of California’s workers.

What You Can Expect from Erlich Law Firm

  • We are a boutique employment law firm committed to providing our clients with amazing service. With Erlich Law Firm, you get the best of both worlds—the experience and record you might expect from a much larger firm along with the personalized service for which we are well known.
  • Be wary of massive employment firms where you might meet with an attorney once at your initial consultation and then never again. Many firms like this take on cases indiscriminately and then push for a quick settlement, regardless of what is actually in the best interest of your case.
  • When you hire Erlich Law Firm, you will work closely with an employment attorney through the entire process. They are always directly available to clients and willing to work for them. You can expect nothing less than exceptional service, tailored to you.

Being fired for no fault of your own can destroy your family and your finances.

When you are fired for a reason that is specifically prohibited by state or federal laws, it is a wrongful termination and you could be entitled to damages from your employer. These illegal reasons for termination include whistleblowing, discrimination, retaliation, or for a refusal to participate in illegal activity. Discrimination based on color, national origin, sex or gender (including transgenderism), religion, age, disability, marital or family status, pregnancy status, or sexual orientation is all illegal. Employees are also protected from retaliation for reporting sexual harassment, wrongdoing or another illegal activity (also known as “whistleblowing,”) or for taking a medical leave or family leave (such as FMLA).


Sexual harassment takes many forms and it can happen to anyone regardless of gender, career or title.

No matter what it looks like though, it is disruptive, violating and always inappropriate. Quid-pro-quo harassment occurs when there is pressure to exchange a relationship or contact for employment benefits. Hostile work environment harassment occurs when there is a pattern of unwanted harassing behavior that it affects the safety and well-being of a workplace. Quid-pro-quo harassment occurs when there is pressure to exchange a relationship or contact for employment benefits.


You deserve to paid fairly and on time.

Workers deserve to be paid fairly and on time, as required by law. Yet many wage and hour violations still occur. If you have been denied your due wages or commissions, shorted overtime or misclassified as an independent contractor an experienced employment attorney can help recover lost wages.


Large group of employees can experience the same infraction and get justice together.

When a group of people is affected by an employer’s illegal actions, a class action lawsuit may be the most effective way to recover damages. Jason Erlich is experienced in handling class action lawsuits involving a range of employment law violations.

Client testimonials
Jason took the time to explain and guide me through the challenging process, and went the extra steps in consistently providing guidance and putting my concerns and questions high on their list.

Jeff V., Oakland


When you contact us

Under California law employees are protected from labor violations and there are extra penalties only available through court action. One of Erlich Law Firm’s core principles is to accompany clients through the entire legal process, and to make sure they understand what is happening. We explain the law in plain English and will show you how it can work for you and your specific case every step of the way.

Although there is a definite process that is followed in a labor claim, at the Erlich Law Firm we will never take a one-size-fits-all approach to a case. We recognize the uniqueness of each case and will work to realize your best interests.

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